În numele fiilor

se aude un refren:

And it’s one, two, threeWhat are we fighting for ?Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn,Next stop is Vietnam.And it’s five, six, seven,Open up the pearly gates,Well there ain’t no time to wonder why,Whoopee! we’re all gonna die…

În timp ce copiii lor nevăzuți de prea multe cuvinte
și uneori morti
și iubesc
același joc
lumea-n culori,

propovăduitorii de pace
îi instigă la ură.

From Muze peste tot

One thought on “În numele fiilor”

  1. On August 16, 1969, the second day of the Woodstock Festival, McDonald made an unexpected solo performance of “The Fuck Cheer” at the conclusion of his set list, after Ritchie Havens. McDonald was augmented with a Yamaha FG 150 guitar that he found and holstered with a rope.[13] According to McDonald, “I went on with my guitar and it was like ‘Here is this guy who’s going to sing’ but no one paid any attention. I played ‘Janis’ and ‘Tennessee Stud’ and then I walked off the stage. I asked my tour manager if he thought it would be OK to go back on stage and did the cheer and he said yeah. So I went….”.[14] The audience receptively responded by cheering the “F-U-C-K” chant along with McDonald. The performance was featured on the Woodstock film, which included sing-a-long lyrical subtitles of the “The Fuck Cheer”.[15]

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